About Us


At BauhausItalia we have over 10 years of experience in the production of high quality reproductions of some of the most iconic furniture designs of the 20th century.  We hold the strong believe that this piece of art items deserve a place in every design-loving home, not only in the museum.  This is why, it has been our mission for over a decade to source the best materials, variations and production methods in order to replicate these timeless designs with precision and care for their original specifications.  By cutting out the middle-man, the high licence fee of the original and the expressive cost for physical stores and warehouses, we are able to offer you premium furniture quality at factory-direct prices.



With an extensive product portfolio, comprising of some of the most renown mid-century classic designs, BauhausItalia offers beautifully crafted items for every room of the home or the office.  Every item is hand-made with precision to the smallest of details, ensuring our high-standards of quality and functionality.  We offer large number of variations, to match the individual taste and design needs of our customers. Our established network of suppliers source high-quality materials, ensuring only the best fabrics, plastic, wood and metal proceeds to our production in Italy. Every item on BauhausItalia has a 5 Year Guarantee, a stamp for our promise for quality of design and durability.



Our dedicated international team is the face of our company’s passion for great, timeless design. With hands on approach and genuine care about the customer’s needs, they handle all your requirements and questions in a language of your choice.  Their knowledge of the products and understanding of the principles of interior design will help you to aesthetically decorate your home or office.  Having a general or a more specific query? Pop by BauhausItalia.com and we will be happy to help you.